The Florida Highway Patrol has reported that a member of the Florida Patriot Guard was killed over the weekend in a motorcycle accident.

The guard member was on his way to meet another group of guards on their way to act as escorts for war veterans headed to the airport.

John Henry Regan, 58, was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle on Sunday, September 8, but instead of spending his Sunday on a leisurely ride, Regan was meeting fellow Patriot Guard members before they would all escort a group of World War II veterans to the Palm Beach International Airport. Before Regan could do his Patriot Guard duty, however, Regan was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on Interstate 95.

Regan was thrown from his bike near Donald Ross Road after his motorcycle was hit from behind by 2010 Lexus. Regan sustained very serious injuries in the crash and even though he was wearing a helmet, he passed away. After hitting Regan, the driver of the Lexus lost control, spun around, and ended up crashing into the guardrail at the side of the roadway.

In addition to the driver of the Lexus there were two other passengers. Amanda Mcclure, 23 was driving. Cyrus Krefting, 30, and Sydnee Reeder, 23, were passengers. All three individuals were wearing seatbelts and none of them were seriously injured. But the car was significantly damaged and is estimated to need $15,000 worth of repairs.

Police are still investigating the accident. The cause is not immediately apparent and investigators are trying to determine whether or not alcohol was a factor in causing the crash.

Arthur Rogers, a member of the Patriot Guard, after learning of the fatal accident involving Regan, said “The family, when they recovered his phone, my name was prominently displayed there. They called me first. I spoke initially to his wife. She was too distraught, then I talked to family friend who gave me the details.”

The two men had been friends for years and Rogers said that Regan was a very safe driver who never drove his motorcycle after drinking.

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